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Friday, January 13, 2017

Filipinos have six years paying a non-working "vice president" who is now just an LP mouthpiece

Former VP Jojo Binay was not treated decently by Abnoy but he still had a job as HUDCC Head and it was not until the last year of their term Binay became an opposition figure. Before that, he was in public service barely even releasing press statements to express his dislike in the former administration. In his last year, the yellow trolls destroyed him with several fabricated exposes. None of the exposes was proven true in court until now.

On the other hand, Leni made it obvious where she stands. She was already an opposition figure during the elections but she was still given a chance to be part of the Cabinet by holding the position as HUDCC Head. Initially, she wanted to be part of the DSWD (where many laid suspicion she had hidden shady motives on her choice).

In her quest for power and popularity, she released one press statement after another contrary to her promised support for Digong and the admin. Her alliance with the yellow trolls and lack of performance in her work made her ineffective in gaining the support to launch a full scale media blitz against Duterte.

See the difference. Binay was still a working VP until his last year. On the other hand, Leni has no more authority to push her programs as she voluntarily resigned as HUDCC Head. She lets her emotions get in the way of work. May kasabihan "walang personalan, trabaho lang". So we have six years paying a non working VP who is now just an LP mouthpiece. We are paying her for nothing.

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