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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fearless netizen slams Leni: Talk all you want, but you're just a hypocrital incompetent VP

Chito Pagsanghan in his Facebook criticized Vice President Leni Robredo and called her a "hypocrital, incompetent excuse for a vice president".

Composite photos from Facebook and Get Real Philippines

Pagsanghan said that if Robredo was in fact not intending to make a big fuss when Presidnet Rodrigo Dutrete uninvited her to his first vin d'honeur, she should not have gone to  the media for attention.

"Admit it, you want to be perceived as “inaapi” so you’d get our sympathy, don’t you? sorry, but it does not seem to be working" he said.

Robredo's claim that Duterte disrespected her, he said, was justifiable since the VP was also disrespectful to him and his office since his inauguration.

"You, your political party, and your ilk have already made it appear that digong is a monster and you are surprised that he is impertinent? more importantly, you expect us to be slighted by that remark?" he said.

Pagsanghan said that the retraction was done on January four, questioning how it took a whole week for the VP to realize she felt insulted.

He said the remark from Leni was a distraction from LeniLeaks.

"Please, don’t take us for fools! you can keep on talking and talking, but at the end of the day, who you really are is revealed by your actions: a hypocritical, incompetent excuse for a vice president!"  he said.

SOURCE: Chito Pagsanghan


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