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I had a creeping suspicion that the deaths of Kian, Arnaiz, and Kulot were part of a conspiracy to bring down the government of Presiden...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Duterte squirmed, shook & scratched his head as he described De Lima in disgust. ~SHARE

If Sharon Cuneta is the Mega Star, Vilma Santos is the Star for All Seasons, and Nora Aunor is the Superstar, Senator Leila De Lim will be known as "The Complete Actress".

President Rody Duterte has no love for De Lima, and it is very obvious in the way he described the lady senator. Duterte squirmed, shook & scratched his head disgust before labeling De Lima as the "Complete Actress."

From this day forward, Senator Leila De Lima will have the prefix "Complete Actress" attached to her name.


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