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Thursday, January 19, 2017

DLSU Prof exposes Leni's hypocrisy: You have politicized a family tragedy not only once, but twice

In a Facebook post of Antonio Contreras on Wednesday, he said that Leni Robredo politicized a family mishap not only once, but twice.

Contreras recalled that Leni Robredo refused to settle the case of a rape victim who was molested by her own father.

DLSU Prof to Leni: You have politicized a family tragedy not only once, but twice
Photo by DailyNews PH

"A girl went to Leni Robredo for help when she was raped and molested by her own father. Her family tried to appeal to Robredo to intervene to settle the case, but she refused," he said.

Contreras said that the issue would have been a private, confidential and sensitive matter but it was publicize because Robredo clattered on it to someone else. 

"Instead of keeping it confidential. She wanted to use this unfortunate incident as a political plus point to prop up her image as an activist lawyer," the professor said.

"And now, the same information has been used to attack me as her critic, for the simple reason that those involved are my relatives, even if I had nothing to do with it," he added.

Contreras was referring to the latest attack from what he labelled as "Robredo trolls" where his cousin Jamie Contreras was featured in an infographic post about rape issue. He clarified in a separate post that his side of the family was not involved in the matter. 

The professor of De la Salle University ended his statement by saying, "So, Leni Robredo, I lay all of this squarely on your hands. You have politicized a family tragedy not only once, but twice. Shame on you!"


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