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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

BREAKING: Trillanes, ipinahahanap si Thinking Pinoy!

The recent events surrounding the political fate of Vice President Leni Robredo will go down in history for two reasons: How a President's detractors may have miscalculated their usage of a public office to undermine another public office, and how social media and bloggers like Thinking Pinoy have discovered many things that others tasked with revealing them may have overlooked.

Understandably, many have called for an investigation into exactly how the Office of the Vice President was used as a focal point to undermine the rest of the government it should work with. After all, as they say, it is the office of the person elected to replace the president once anything happens to him, not organize a plot to replace him.

How these all play out will depend on whether investigations are indeed pursued or how the vice president herself responds to the pressure build up on her to respond. As of press time, responses from her have not impressed or satisfied many, and not just among her critics.

Worse, many of her supporters exclaim they themselves are unsure of whether those emails exist. It only thickens the interest of more watchers. Whether the vice president is liable or culpable for the things she is accused of is something that remains to be seen.

What is more important is that this event defined social media as entity that is able to see beyond what the mainstream press can deliver, which is the truth most cannot see. Imbued with certain skills and enjoying constitutional protection, the mainstream press enjoys a prominence in reporting the goings on around contemporary human existence and helps explain their meaning.

When it fulfills its mandate to inform, people are empowered with information on which to make decisions. Hence, the "fourth estate." Yet, has it done so lately?                                                                                                    

That certain mainstream media outlets picked up. Thinking Pinoy's story and others have not raised more questions among the public. Was there an attempt by some to suppress or downplay the revealed information? Was there an attempt by some to suppress or downplay the revealed information? Has the public learned enough of these damning allegations from mainstream media?

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