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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

After #Lenileaks comes #Lumeleni and #LumeleniChallenge. Yellowtards fail to keep up!

The yellows knew that Pinoys have a deep need for conformity and this is what they exploited to market Noynoy Aquino and Leni Robredo.

The formula is this: get celebrities, socialites, priests, journalists, professors, famous businessmen, and other authority figures to endorse yellow candidates, and everyone else will follow out of sheer fear of sticking out.

Pinoys only snapped out of their yellow trance when Duterte burst into the scene and cursed at everyone in the establishment, exposing them for the false idols that they were.

The yellows are still in denial though. After #Lenileaks, there’s now “#Lumeleni” proving that they have no match when it comes to stupidity and lack of originality.

The “#Lumeleni” hashtag was kicked off a few days ago by netizens who were disgusted with Robredo’s famous “waiting for a bus” photo that was apparently staged.

Turns out she called the bus company to pick her up dahil ayaw na niyang pumunta sa station, at dun pa talaga nagpasundo sa no loading/unloading zone sa South Superhighway. Nagpa-picture pa sa assistant na kunwari “friend”, at pinakalat sa Facebook para kunwari humble.

The guy who started the “Lumeleni” trend on Facebook defined it as: “Get a bag and have your picture taken waiting for an imaginary bus in the most absurd place possible. Pwede mag costume kung gusto nyo.”

Pinoys from all over quickly took the “#Lumeleni challenge” and in a few hours hundreds of hilarious memes and photos parodying Leni’s bus pose were going around on Facebook.

Another PR nightmare for Robredo. So what does she do?

Robredo’s camp and her partymate Kiko Pangilinan hijacked the term “#Lumeleni” and are now claiming it’s their campaign. They’re trying to give it a positive spin by linking the hashtag to photos of Robredo “doing good deeds”, and they’re even spending on sponsored Facebook posts just to make her goody-goody pictures go viral.

There’s really no end to the yellows’ juvenile idiocy. I can’t believe the f*cking alleged Vice-President of the republic and a Senator of the land are actually wasting time and taxpayer money battling “phantoms”, “bots”, and “trolls” (their words) on Facebook. Obviously they don’t have better things to do, since they can spend so much time playing these childish brainwashing games on social media.

I expect any moment now Rappler, Inquirer, etc will come out with articles praising the supposed “spontaneous” show of support for Robredo. These yellows are so busy licking each other’s asses in their imaginary world that they don’t even realize everyone else already knows “Lumeleni” is just a synonym for “Noynoying”.

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