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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Philippine Vice-President, Leni Robredo’s Resignation As HUD Secretary, Is No Great Loss

animalhouse_blutoAlthough Vice President Leni Robredo on Sunday, December 4, said she was quitting her post as President Rodrigo Duterte’s housing chief on Monday, December 5. Stating, “This is the last straw, because it makes it impossible for me to perform my duties. Hence, I am tendering my resignation from the Cabinet on Monday, December 5, 2016. With this resignation, you can expect that I will continue to support the positive initiatives of this administration and oppose those that are inimical to the people’s interest.” Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, For all intents and purposes, has fired her.
Ms. Robredo’s announcement may have come as a surprise to some. I for one, am pretty sure most will actually be relieved, as she doesn’t appear to have done anything of relevance since she was given the position nearly 6 months ago. Here are what she claims to be her primary reasons for walking:
  1. The budget for all key shelter agencies in 2017 has been slashed by more than P19 billion.
  2. All our key shelter agency appointment recommendations have not been acted on.
  3. The Executive Order designed to make HUDCC effective was not signed.
Leni Robredo visiting the National Housing Agency (NHA) housing site in Hernani, Eastern Samar earlier this year.
While she is of course – in classic Yellow Dye #5 fashion – passing blame to other sources, she’s obviously too ignorant of the fact that along with herself, the President, and every other political figure, have entered office into what’s known as a “mid-term” administration. Thus, everyone – including her cabinet circle– is stuck working with the remainder of the previous administrative budget. Something of which President Duterte himself, made mention of in his inauguration speech this past June 30th.
On the other hand, the Palace itself, issued a more believable response, citing the obvious clashes and consistent indifferences between the President and her office. Especially in light of her constant anti-Marcos rhetoric and endless yammering over the recent burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos. These actions, along with numerous others, have only further confirmed the divisiveness within the Philippine political arena. An issue that sadly appears to have no early end in sight. So what does this move mean? And what can we expect in the coming weeks?
Truthfully? It’s anyones guess. For this writer, It’s probably safe to say, President Duterte will replace her with a more competent person. Someone who’s actually qualified for the position. At the very least, someone who won’t spend most of his/her tenure posing for magazine cover stories. Traveling abroad to receive questionable awards. And certainly not holding press conferences, wishing ill will of her President. Hopefully it will be someone who’ll put their nose to grindstone, and start the work of cleaning up the numerous housing failings of the past administration(s). As well as getting the people past the dog & pony show of the last 5+ months.
Ms. Robredo is obviously too stupid to see the perfect opportunity the President had given her. During the campaign season, she had always promoted herself as the peoples candidate. Someone who may just actually give a shit? And she fucked that up. As well as confirmed, what I am sure he suspected all along. She’s simply nothing more than another Yellow Dye #5 puppet.
In short, her resignation is, in reality, the cherry on the cake that surrounds the very hypocrisy of the office of Vice-President itself.


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