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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I can't believe she's a lawyer, De Lima really sucks & Bato's too smart for her ~Share

Bato is too smart for De Lima to corner.
In school, there are those who get high grades because they are really studious but are not street smart. These are the ones who are great in theory but lousy when it comes to practice. 

I don't know much about De Lima as a lawyer but it is obvious that she lacks the skill to become a prosecutor like Duterte. Watching this video makes me lose respect for her because she is really coming across as dumb. Maybe Leila is really intelligent, but somehow I still have to find that brilliance because she really seems dull.

Instead of laying the groundwork to trap Bato into revealing inconsistencies, De Lima instead ask questions and keeps on talking. In the end, her question doesn't get answered. 

In the past, I have seen her ask question... after question... after question and the resource person or witness gets confused on which question to answer first.

Her melodramatic way of talking makes matters worst for the resource people and the audience watching her. De Lima's cross-examining sounds more like nagging. Her exaggerated way of speaking in English, complete with dramatic pauses makes watching her plain torture.

But what makes this video pleasurable is watching Bato answer De Lima. Bato is one smart slippery teddy bear De Lima can't catch.


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