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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Just How Destructive Has The Catholic Church Of The Philippines Become?

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Recently, Philippine Archbishop Socrates Villegas had demanded that church bells nationwide, should ring out for 5 minutes, in simultaneous remembrance/protest regarding the alleged victims of the Martial Law era, and the recent burial of then President, Ferdinand Marcos. While this gesture may appear noble to some. It is in reality, another lame attempt by the church to repeat the same antics that brought about the downfall of Marcos in 1986. I recently came across an interesting list in social media, that makes note of numerous other events where the bells definitely should have been rung. But sadly, remain silent to this day.

The bells should have tolled when 44 men of the PNP Special Action Forces were mercilessly gunned down by Muslim rebels, simply because then sitting President BS Aquino, who still remains close to Archbishop Socrates Villegas, refused to give the order to the nearby AFP and PNP elements to rescue the doomed SAF troopers.
The bells should have tolled when Canadian Robert Hall was beheaded at the hands of Abu Sayyaf.
The bells should have tolled when 13 demonstrators lost their lives at Mendiola in 1987.
The bells should have tolled when farmers of Hacienda Luisita who merely wanted to get their fair share of their labor, were killed in 2004.
The bells should have tolled when 58 innocent civilians were murdered in Maguindanao in 2009.
The bells should have tolled in 2010 when 9 hostages were killed in a botched rescue attempt at Luneta, and gave the country a future glimpse of an already incompetent President, who was propped up by the Church.
The bells should have tolled when hundreds of Christians and Catholics were beheaded by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
The bells should have tolled when thousands of Typhoon Yolanda victims lost their lives and were deprived of the benefits that could have been given them from the now missing and unaccounted for P120 Billion in foreign aid donations.
And the bells should certainly have tolled for the millions of Filipinos who have become the walking dead as a result of the pandemic drug problem.
Just how much longer are these people going to allow such outdated doctrines to control their every move? Central and South American nations such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela have all fallen into disarray and become socio economic disasters because of too much church control. In 2013, one analyst compared the Philippines to these very same nations. Noting that in spite of massive poverty, crime and corruption. The church managed to keep the people subdued under the false veil of hope. This factor was the common – and very destructive – denominator in all cases with the countries investigated.

Yes the bells should have tolled, but have not, because even the bells have now become selective in their calls of remembrance.


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