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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

De Lima must really hate Sandra, she's the one who exposed De Lima's alleged sex videos ~Share

Sandra Cam was just watching the interpellation when De Lima ordered her to sit down. Instead of embarrassing Sandra Cam, the audiences' laughter seemed targeted at De Lima.

It all started when Senator Leila De Lima was cross-examining PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa about who escorted Kerwin Espinosa on the flight from Dubai to Manila.  Bato's face suddenly lighted up when De Lima asked him who was on the plane with Kerwin when they arrived in Manila.

Right before Bato mentioned the name of Sandra Cam, he started to smile naughtily as though expecting a reaction from De Lima. And lo and behold, Senator Leila De Lima acted up and upon seeing Sandra Cam standing at the area reserved for spectators, De Lima ordered Sandra Cam to sit down.

Sandra stood there laughing and stuck her tongue out at De Lima as someone approached her to take her seat.

Just in case you don't know, Sandra Cam is the woman who claimed to have Senator Leila De Lima's sex video. The story of De Lima's sex video seems to have been floating as early as 2008.  At any rate, it will be safe to say the two don't love each other.


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