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Monday, December 12, 2016

De Lima & Dayan can't fool the Duterte with their little games ~Share

President Rodrigo Duterte was in a playful and relaxed mood when reporters caught up with him.  So when one of the reporters asked him about what he thought about the way Senator Leila De Lima and her former lover Ronnie Dayan interacted based on the narration of Ronnie Dayan, it gave us a glimpse into how the president's mind works.

The president shared his observations and smiled at what he perceived as the game that De Lima and Dayan are playing to deceive the public.

One of the reporters asked Duterte about De Lima "snubbing" of Ronnie Dayan during the time he was hiding and Dayan's claim that he was going hungry. The President reacted with a smirk on his face and explained why the story Dayan told were lies.

Enjoy the video, there is a lot to be learned about how to read people like a book.


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