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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Netizens Furious About Pictures of Kids Clinging to Bridges Just to Go to School

A set of pictures of students in uniforms crossing a river just to get to school was published in Facebook on Thursday, May 26, 2016, that made netizens angry.
Image from The Most Trending Videos Facebook page
Image from The Most Trending Videos Facebook page
In the pictures are children in their school uniforms holding on to the ropes of a hanging bridge, some are crossing the river, nonchalant about getting wet. There is one that shows female kids onbicycles crossing a thin line of wood of the bridge.
There are comments that show anger to the past government, there are also comments that show pity to these awful sight of children risking their lives to study in school.
The album of these pictures is called, ‘Study Hard.’ It was published by a Facebook page named The Most Trending Videos (Just for Fun). Well, the page really does look like it. It really is all for fun. There is no evidence to prove that the pictures were being manipulated in a photo-editing software. There is also no proof that the pictures are real.
There is no location or name of the place where the pictures were being taken.
Read netizens’ comments see other pictures below:

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