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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Franky Drilon, Tito Sotto And Leila Delima In The Senate: 3 More Signs That Pinoys Are Idiots

May 31, 2016
by Grimwald
Did you read my last article? Did it offend you, hmm? Did it hurt? Are you crying?
Oh poor little Pinoys and their pride! Look at those little pig eyes welling with tears and their noses leaking snot all over their faces! Look at that bawling and angry mouth shouting stuff like: “You’re evil!”, “I’m gonna beat you up!” and: “You’re so mean!”
Yeah, that’s right! Cry! Cry and cry until you die! You love your drama after all, don’t you! You can’t live without your drama! Screw the country, screw your countrymen and screw the kids as long as you can watch your drama, eh?
C’mon, is that all you got? Cry some more! Here’s some tissue! Bawl to your heart’s content because we are far from done.
Oh, let me guess, you thought it was over, didn’t you? You thought that I was done? Well, guess what, we’re just getting started bitches! Go on, make your threats! C’mon, plead for me to stop! Beg me all you want with your tear-soaked and snot-caked faces because I’m not stopping! Not just yet!
Well, okay, I’ll concede this little bit: Manny Pacquiao isn’t the only proof of your stupidity. Truth be told, he’s not the only guy in the senate who clearly doesn’t belong there. And this is what this article is going to be about. And while some of the people I’m going to are probably worse than Manny Pacquiao, I’m not going to say he’s any different from them. That’s why I put him first. Because I think your Manny Pacquiao is every bit as corrupt and greedy as the three people I am going to mention here.
Welcome to my literary octagon bitches. Round one just ended. Welcome to round two.
Franklin “Porky” Drilon
Ah, Mr. Drilon. Perhaps the very embodiment of pork barrel scamming. He was there when all the crap and accusations of corruption had been flying around and he’ll still be there I bet come 2022.
He was among those people who had accused Judge Corona of the supreme court of corruption and, thanks to the Liberal Party’s machinations, Senator Porky is now given free rein in the senate. Or is that thanks to you idiots?
Well, while cheating was mentioned, I’m sure there were those of you who voted for him, wasn’t there? Yes, I’m sure there were quite a few of you out there who voted the man into power for a measly amount of money.
Of course, why am I even surprised by that last? Aren’t you the same people who would gladly sell your daughters to foreign pedophiles to be used and abused? Aren’t you the same godless bastards who will gladly allow poor children like Daisy to be tortured and killed so that you can continue singing videoke and sniffing crystal meth? Oh but I digress.
Anyway, I remember a lot of you who were bawling “change is coming” for Rodrigo Duterte but you nonetheless voted for a guy who has been proven to be greedy and corrupt. How’s that for proof that you’re idiots?
Tito Sotto
Ah, Mr. Sotto, the comedian.
Oh well that’s just proof that idiots like you will always be a joke. Face it, as a Filipino, you are a laughing stock of the world. No one will ever take you seriously out there. For just about everyone else, you are either a maid or a whore and that’s all you ever will be.
No, don’t deny it. It’s true. You’re a joke. The fact that you elected a joke into the senate is proof of that. Heck, I’m even betting that if Vice Ganda ran for the senate, you’d probably vote for him too, wouldn’t you? In fact, I’m positive that he’d probably already be a politician if he decided to run because that’s exactly how stupid you are.
So why’d you vote this guy who never really did anything (except maybe copy paste everything he sees) into office? Oh, that’s right! It’s all because of Aldub, isn’t it?
Just because he and his allies made you laugh, you now want him to be in the senate, right? Yeah, that’s right, just like your drama, as long as you get your cheap laughs, it’s okay with you that the country goes to Hell, isn’t it? As long as you can smile for a while, it’s okay if your own children are sold into slavery and butchered like animals, am I right?
Leila Delima
Oh my God, this is it! I saved the best for last in this selection and I did it just so you would finally understand how stupid you are. Are you ready?
CHR is supposed to stand for “Commission on Human Rights”, unfortunately however, it seems more like “Criminals Have Rights” more than anything else to me. She protected know criminals from justice and even went as far as to accuse Rodrigo Duterte of being a criminal himself due to his harder stance against evildoers in the country.
Heck, I even remember her political ad on TV where she’s supposed to be watching out for people on the streets. Unfortunately, it seems more like she was watching out for the criminals, the rapists, the muggers and the serial killers who all too often victimize innocent bystanders out there. Yep, this is a woman who would gladly protect the rapist who raped your daughter, the mugger who robbed your son, the murderer who killed your wife and the terrorist who blew up your friends and their families.
Because, for people like her and the idiots who voted for her, criminals have rights too!
That’s right! According to her and you idiots who put her in the senate, rapists have a right to rape women (including children), muggers have a right rob people, murderers have a right to kill anyone they like and terrorists have every right to behead and bomb people. And even when they’re caught, these same scumbags who rape children, rob people’s belongings and slaughter innocents have a right to spend their days in a comfortable vacation spot disguised as a prison. Yep, this a woman who thinks that the knave who took all your money and nearly beat you death should get a delicious five-star cuisine meal three times a day, the monster who robbed your son and set the poor boy on fire has a right to sleep on a comfy waterbed at night or the fiend that raped your daughter and hacked her to death deserves access to a sex doll.
Yes, you idiot, this is the woman you voted for!
So yep, your idiots, nothing you say is going to change that. Not your threats and not your pleading. You are idiots plain and simple. You can say anything and everything you want but you’re still idiots and you’ll always be idiots.
The fact that you voted for Manny Pacquiao and the three other senators mentioned above is living, breathing proof of your idiocy and how stupid you are.
And, as before, I’m not going to ask you to prove me wrong because you know I’m right. However, I’m willing to show at least a little kindness to you. I’m not really as merciless as I seem.
So here’s what you do: You admit to yourself that you’re an idiot. You can do it silently and not comment at all, I won’t mind. Just admit to yourself that you’re an idiot. It’s not that hard really.
If you do that, I’ll save round 3 for later. You have my word on that. There’s no need to be hurt any further, is there? Besides, I’m sure your little tantrum is costing you a bit of energy. Besides, if you thought the first two rounds were bad enough, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I assure you ladies and gentlemen, round 3 is going to hurt you more than it’s going to hurt me.


I came that you may know PAIN and have it in abundance...

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