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Friday, April 1, 2016

Warning Signs Your Tongue Is Sending You About Your Health

#1 Listen up!

Your tongue does more than make that clicking sound on the roof of your mouth. It's also a great way to indicate some common health problems! Although this should not be used as sound medical advice, examining your tongue may tell you a little about how badly you're living your life. Take a look!

Is your tongue more red than normal? Fear not, for maybe you lack Vitamin B complex or iron. Also, check out the acidic foods you're eating!

#2 Purple!

Is your tongue a shade of purple? Have you been eating a purple Popsicle? No? Maybe you need to work on improving your circulation or lowering your cholesterol. Heck, you should be doing those things anyway!

#3 Yellow!

Is yer tongue yella? Well then, maybe you're fatigued, cowboy! This article suggests a myriad of foods to resolve low hemoglobin levels like garlic, cinnamon, and ginger. If you try all three of those at once, you'll get a highly unpleasant surprise!

#4 Black!

At first glace, you might think that a black, hair tongue is the beginning of your transformation into a werewolf. You may be right, but more likely it's a harmless temporary condition, unlike your moonlight blood lust. Heavens!

#5 White!

Similarly to black tongue, a white tongue may be indicative of a temporary and harmless situation. Try quitting smoking and hydrating to combat your dry, desert-like mouth.

#6 More Red!

Not to incite panic, but this article suggests that red tongue in children could be an early indicator of scarlet fever or other diseases. Ask your doctor first!

#7 Brown!

This is where this fun news article takes a gross turn for the worse. If your tongue is brown, please see a doctor if not only for the sake of everyone around you.

#8 Red spots!

Red spots can mean a deficiency in Vitamin C or a reaction to hot liquids or allergens. It could also mean you ate some red-hots, in which case you should share those delicious bad boys with everyone!

#9 Dry tongue!

Dry tongue = too much mucus. Try cutting down on dairy, sugary products, or licking mucus-y slugs.

#10 Dryness continued!

Sometimes, a dry tongue is telling you to get your behind to a yoga class, pronto! You're stressed out and your tongue knows it!

#11 Swelling!

Oh my! If your tongue is huge and swollen, you may be having an allergic reaction, so get off the computer and get to the doctor! Hope you learned something new and spent some time looking at your tongue in the mirror!

Here's a chart for reference!


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