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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Open Letter to Mayor Rody Duterte: If You Will Not Run for President, I Will Migrate to Davao City

Mayor Rody Duterte president 2016
This Monday, October 12, 2015, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte made a final decision that shocked his tons of followers. According to him, he will not run for president in the 2016 election. The hard-hitting mayor also apologized and requested his supporters to understand him. After we reported it, we received an open letter from one of our followers. Read below.
Dear Mayor Rody Duterte. As one of your millions of supporters hoping that you will run for president in 2016, I was saddened to know that you finally decided not to run. Just like your earlier announcements, you mentioned that you have no ambition to become one. What’s funny for me is that many other politicians are willing to spend millions and even kill people just to be president.
You see, Mr. Mayor, I was born and raised in Manila, but I had an opportunity to visit Davao City in 2013 when my good friend invited me on his wedding. But before we left Manila, he told us the do’s and donts in Davao City, including your strict implementation of the law. I must admit, I underestimated your leadership as I got used to inconsistencies here in Metro Manila.
I first voted when Cory Aquino ran for president against Marcos. After the EDSA Revolution, I started to become interested in observing the changes in the country. There were newly-elected officials and people were hoping for the best. But obviously, abuse of freedom became rampant, everyone point fingers to everyone, and people became undisciplined.
People became free to steal everywhere, from stores to streets, up to government offices. There were new laws but the old ones are not being implemented well. Every after election, many great projects of former administrations were discontinued by their successors. Politicians feed the people with lies, and everybody wants to become president of the country.
I know you have been the mayor for a long time, so I initially thought you are greedy for power. I grew old with the thinking that the Philippines is slowly starting to lose hope, until I heard how you discipline your constituents. Two years ago, your name is not yet familiar to many Filipinos, and Davao City has just been declared as one of the safest cities in the world.
When we were in Davao, my friend told me that smoking in public is strictly prohibited but I just laughed about it. So one night, we were in a parking area with some of our friends. I saw no police around so I lit a cigarette. To my surprise, a cigarette vendor politely reminded me about the city ordinance. In fact, he even told me the area where I should smoke.
Thinking that the cigarette vendor might only be getting paid to remind smokers, I did the same while buying ‘pasalubong’ for my family. We were inside a stall market when I took my cigarette from my pocket. But even before I could light it, a store clerk told me to stop. She even guessed that I am not a Dabawenyo because if I am, I will not have the courage to do it.
So, here’s what I think you did to your people, Mayor Duterte. You did not only make sure that the anti-smoking policy is being implemented strictly, you also have convinced your people to love Davao City. I therefore think that you are not only a great disciplinarian, you are also a good motivator. Unfortunately, this is what we don’t have in every city I lived in.
Yes, Davao City is not perfect just like any place in the world. There will always be smugglers, kidnappers and other bad elements in the society. These people should have no space, and should be eradicated. And yes, there is no perfect president. But as long as the leader can motivate the people and can unite them for a good cause, problems can easily be solved.
I strongly believe that the problem of Philippines now is getting worst. I also believe that Filipinos don’t need a hero, but rather someone who can convince us to be a hero by simply following the law. I think that the people who don’t want you to be president are those pretending to be concern with human rights and those who don’t want to obey the law.
And because of your long experience in politics, I believe you cannot be dictated by greedy politicians. But if your decision not to run for president is really final, I will be the one to come to you. Me and my family will be packing our things soon and will live in Davao City for the rest of our lives. This time, I am confident that my daughter will be safe. And yes, I promise to follow the law.
Hope to see you there.


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