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Friday, April 1, 2016

roof of how hopeless Mar Roxas’s campaign and messaging team REALLY is!

April 1, 2016
by Kate Natividad
Mar-tards just don’t get it. In their efforts to mount a last-ditch effort to shore up Mar Roxas’s stats (showing photos of him surrounded by hakotcrowds in various stadiums and all that), they are showing just how disogranised they are and just how incoherent their messaging strategy is. In fact, the more they publish, the more foolish they look.
Perhaps Carlos Celdran, in a video he released today on Facebook, had a point when he wrote in a comment “If [Roxas’s] social media team isn’t gonna get his vision across, then I will do it myself, Dammit”. Certainly Celdran’s intentions were oozing with goodness in that instance. But, in the process of issuing this pompous initiative, he probably spoke for the rest of the Mar-tard community in admitting that Saint Mar’s campaign is as hopeless as his chances of becoming President of the Philippines.
Take this whole idiotic effort at damage control being pushed by the Mar-tard community following the massive fallout resulting from the infamous Mar Roxas Yolanda Comicgate. Their approach for discrediting people who are LOL!-ing their hearts out over the silliness of the lame historical revisionism in Roxas’s Sa Gitna ng Unos comic book is by pointing out that rival candidate Rodrigo Duterte and vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos also make use of their own comic-formatted campaign material.
But what these Mar-tards fail to take into account is that hideous tragedy and destruction underlie the bald lies in Roxas’s Comicgate. In comparison, Duterte’s and Marcos’s comics are harmlessly amusing at worst. Sa Gitna ng Unos, on the other hand, would have been funny if not for the shameless misrepresentation of Roxas’s role in Tacloban at the height of the effects of the devastation wrought by Sypertyphoon Haiyan. The comic attempts to reverse Roxas’s idiotic displays of administrative ineptness, his lack of ability to delegate, his hollow epal-esque attempts to inspire, and his straight outpoliticization of the disaster.
Indeed, the comicization of the Haiyan disaster for Roxas’s bullshit political agenda adds a thick layer of insult on top of that shameful act of politicization he perpetrated in 2013 when he reminded Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez of how players’ family names matter in the bigger scheme of things.
The PR disaster of Sa Gitna ng Unos is just the most recent of the now-long string of PR gaffes that color Roxas’s campaign history. You sometimes wonder whether someone in Mar’s campaign team is deliberately sabotaging his chances of becoming president by using cleverly-disguised PR gimmicks that were, in reality, designed to fail miserably. That “Fast Forward” video, for example. I mean, WTF??! What kind of thinking processes were brought to bear to produce that one??
If Mar Roxas and his mob had proven to be Kaboboan Central during the campaign, imagine a Mar Roxas government at work!
That’s something to think about, my fellow Filipino voters. Roxas’s bobo-campaign and his cadre of Mar-tards make laughingstocks of themselves now. To vote Roxas President of the Philippines will give him the keys to making the Philippines itself a mirror of that cretin-like thinking on a national scale.
Isip-isip muna bago bumoto mga kabayan!

Kate Natividad

Frustrated artist doing geek for a living.

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