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Sunday, April 10, 2016

NAIA exec eyes ‘feng shui’ expert to get rid of airport’s ‘bad luck’

  • A NAIA official has proposed to consult a ‘feng shui’ expert to drive the ‘bad luck’ out of the airport
  • The 6-hour massive blackout last April 2 has prompted the official to consider the option
  • The official said they want the ‘feng shui’ expert identify what’s wrong with the building’s design, and hopefully, to ‘exorcise’ the evil spirits
MANILA, Philippines – ‘Bad luck’ is where Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Jose Angel Honrado attributed the six-hour blackout at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA 3) last Saturday, April 2.
The incident, caused by a failure of one of the airport’s generators’, has nearly crippled the terminal’s operation, forcing cancellations of numerous domestic flights and delays in at least four international flights. More than 14,000 passengers were reportedly affected by the fiasco.
Hence, one of the NAIA officials proposed that the management should start consulting a ‘feng shui’ expert to get rid of the ‘bad luck’.
The 6-hour blackout was just one of the problems that continue to beset the country’s main international gateway to the world.
Rudy Santos of the Philippine Star said a series of mishaps has hounded the airport of late like the collapsing ceilings, the suicide attempts by a couple of passengers and the death of a security guard who was thrown off a motorcycle inside the terminal.
Not to mention the tanim-bala scheme which landed NAIA into international headlines; exposing the persistent corruption activities among staff in complicit with some airport officials.
The NAIA exec, who refused to be identified, said he has already recommended to NAIA 3 manager Octavio Lina to consult  a Chinese geomancy expert to identify which area of the establishment has a ‘design flaw’ that attracted ‘evil spirits’ to reside and cause harm.
Allegedly, they want these spirits ‘exorcised’ and get rid of the bad luck.
Lina reportedly also vowed to bring the matter with General Manager Honrado.
The NAIA official added they might also hire the services of a local shaman ‘to make sure that all the bases are covered’.
Last month a separate campaign on social media has been rolled out by concerned netizens who demanded that NAIA be renamed back to Manila International Airport (MIA); supposedly to shake off its ‘jinx’.

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