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Monday, April 4, 2016

Key Words When Describing The Mental Outlook Of The Filipino

Key Words When Describing The Mental Outlook Of The Filipino

The last few days have seen a lot of people getting defensive towards my choice of words, when describing the mental outlook of a sizable amount of the Filipino population. Asking me to not be so rude or cruel when describing things. Or carrying on a conversation, debate or what-not. I’ve tried for years now. And in the process, I HAVE BEEN CALLED WORSE.

The definition of being stupid: Seeing the truth, knowing the truth, and choosing to still believe the lies.

But, like a duck to water, I let that silly shit slide off my back now. But sadly, I found that the more I try to educate most Filipino’s. The more they get defensive. As if they are right, and everyone else is wrong. I have used everything from subtleties to constructive criticism. No go. Almost everyone acts as though, by virtue of myself — and others — being foreign. We have no clue of what’s going on here. Sorry… but we do. Since 1986 we have watched your country fall apart on CNN, Al Jazerra, ABC, NBC, CBS and the BBC. To newspaper articles from abroad. To even living here now. The list is endless. And then you all play the victim game, claiming it’s some mass conspiracy against you and your precious way of life.
What then exactly, is that way of life?
  • Watching a mere 40 families rape and pillage a once-proud nation and its 100 million inhabitants of every centavo they posses?
  • Listening to ABS/CBN and GMA spout a bunch of yellow cult horseshit at you?
  • Watching your children starve because of the endless poverty that has befallen your nation?
Please… I would like to know exactly what wonderful way of life so many of you brag about? Is it hanging out in Makati’s Greenbelt with your silly, one-day millionaire yuppie friends, sucking on a Starbucks Grande White Mocha and pretending you’re better than most others? Well, I got news for you skeeza…
So now I shall explain why I have stopped being so nice and politically correct in how I describe you people and your nations situation. And NO! I no longer care how your paper-thin ego crumbles as you skim over my words. You brought it on yourselves. But, rather than explain myself any further. Let us delve into the reasoning behind my less than civil attitude towards some of your thought processes. Mainly, the political side.
You want to know where the real problem lays? Think about all those idiot’s YOU voted for or believed in these past 28+ years. Then go in the bathroom and look at who you see in the mirror. There’s your answer. And when you reflect on the bribe you may have taken for your shyster’s vote. Or your laziness in doing some political homework on these candidates. Remember who you saw in the mirror. Because that’s where it all started. I will even prove just how stupid so many Filipino voter’s have become. And these examples have got to be my 5th attempt at waking you up. So… here we go again.
  • Nancy Binay. Zero political experience. and you gave her a seat in the Senate. An over rated, 38 year old private sector failure, who never amounted to anything beyond being Daddy’s little pet.
  • Antonio Trillanes. A twice convicted, treasonous, coup rousing, militant trouble maker. And because of your unhealthy hero fetish, you elected and re-elected him a Senator.
  • Gringo Honasan. Your precious little “hero of the revolution.” In reality, like Ramos and Enrile, he simply hid behind the revolution because they all knew they would be tried, convicted and executed for treason.
  • President BS Aquino. A half-wit who has accomplished absolutely zilch for the country. Usurped his power beyond any kind of constitutional legal logic. Betrayed the very essence of the Judicial system. Bribed the Senate and Congress with billions of your pesos, that they will do his every bidding. And has now set himself up as a dictator. And all of this came about because his Mom dropped dead. And you elected him on the “sympathy vote.”
The Aquino list could go on for pages and pages. But I think you already know my point. So I am sorry if the use of words such as “idiot or stupid” are just too much for you. But lately… It’s become more of the norm for a lot of you.

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