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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


READ: Alejano denies destabilization plot vs Duterte

“Ayaw nating mangyari na tatanggapin na ng taumbayan na parang legal ang pagpatay sa bansang ito,” Alejano said.

(We don’t want the country to accept killings as something legal in this country.)

Alejano said he has braced himself for possible arrest, following the detention for drug-related charges of Senator Leila De Lima, a vocal critic of the administration.

“Kahit kami’y sundalo, may takot din kami. Pero nananaig ang aming desire ng pagsilbi sa ating bayan,” Alejano said.

(Even as soldiers, we have fears too. But our desire to serve the nation prevails.)

He said he filed the impeachment complaint while Congress is on break to give his colleagues time to mull over the impeachment move, adding that he is confident his complaint will get the numbers.

“That’s a tall talk. But we’re confident that were going to have the numbers,” Alejano said.

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez has called the complaint an act of “stupidity” and lacking in form and substance, while Majority Leader Rudy Fariñas downplayed the complaint for being insufficient and reliant on news reports.

READ: Alvarez on first impeachment rap vs Duterte: It’s stupidity 

The majority leader added that the complaint contained mere “hearsays,” and that Duterte could not be impeached for his acts before his presidency

“The allegations made in the complaint are obviously not of his own knowledge since most of them are palpably hearsay either from what he read or saw on the news or from tales of Sen. Trillanes. Finally, most of the allegations were allegedly committed when Pres. Duterte was mayor or vice mayor. An official is impeached for acts committed in his present office,” Fariñas said in a text message to reporters.

According to the 1987 Constitution, the ouster of impeachable public officials would emanate from the lower House, where the justice committee would first determine if there is form and substance on a verified impeachment complaint.

Once it hurdles the committee level, an impeachment complaint would need one third vote of all members of the 292-strong lower House before it is transmitted to the Senate for the formal impeachment trial. The Lower House would constitute the prosecuting panel.

Alejano filed the impeachment complaint as he earlier denounced the entry of Chinese ships in Benham Rise, a 13 million-hectare mineral-rich undersea region east of Luzon, urging Duterte to fight for our country’s territorial rights instead of making sweet deals with China. 


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