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Monday, May 29, 2017

BRUTAL TRUTH: Here’s Why Islamic Terrorists Don’t Kidnap Russians

Islamic terrorists think of kidnapping innocent people as a quick way to extort families and bribe foreign governments. But, they never go after Russians.

In 1989 some Islamic terrorists tried it, but in one swift move the Russians had re-captured their lost diplomats, and took some terrorists as prisoners of their own. (via LA Times)
Terrorists got into Beirut, Lebanon, where four Russian diplomats were working. The diplomats were taken hostage, and the terrorists killed one of them, and left his body in a field.
They used the other prisoners as leverage against Russia, telling the government that they had to cease bombing Tripoli, Lebanon, which Islamic terrorists had captured.
I guess the terrorists thought a dead diplomat, left in a field, would scare the Russians. It only made them more determined.
Immediately the Russian government sent troops out to capture a family member of a top-level Hezzabolah terrorist, a radical Shia Muslim. This guy was a leader to the forces in Tripoli.
Not one to wait around, the Russians killed the terrorist’s family member, packed up the body parts, and sent them to the Hezzabolah leader.

They sent a note with a clear demand: release the Russian diplomats or we will find more of your family members.

Quickly, the remaining three Russians were released, to the joy of their families. When news of this broke an Israeli newspaper did some interviews to gauge people’s feelings about the event. One anonymous person said, “This is the way the Soviets operate. They do things—they don’t talk. And this is the language Hezbollah understands.”
Indeed, I’m hard-pressed to think of a more successful result to a hostage situation. The Russians could have bowed and left the rest of Lebanon defenseless against the terrorists, surely, that would have been Obama’s response.
But, that would have been the wrong move. You have to meet terrorists with strength, leadership, and decisive action.
This is a lesson our new President understands. No more will America be spending millions of dollars trying to get hostages back. The only way to win is to bring the fight to ISIS.
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