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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


by John Gaisano Jr.

The martial law most people do not want was the one declared three decades ago. For the main reason that the perception we have is that it was declared for political reason. Many of us “believe” even today that Pres. Marcos wanted to perpetuate his rule. But now, do you think Duterte wants to perpetuate himself? I bet most of us do not believe this.

Well, may we speculate as we do not have perfect information. We do not know what the president knows. We do not have the information Duterte have on the terrorist group (TG). But we know the President is not new on such matter. He is impatient & wants to act decisively. He likes to win on first strike. He believes on proactive approach in spite of his impatience. He can wait too, meaning loose a little before the one decisively strike. By the way, his idea of peace & order is when people like you & me can walk freely without fear, even in the night when there’s hardly anyone. He feels good when you get into trouble & you come to him for help. He enjoys it & we benefit from this. This was Davao for three decades. This is still Davao today as his daughter Sara continues as strong mayor with the awesome support from his father as president. Don’t you like this for the rest of the Philippines?

But let us review the facts & what is already known.

We know there is disorder in Marawi City. We know that our president takes pride & find joy in maintaining peace & order. We know that he will address any causes of disorder, like drugs. This is no game or show. I remember he told me three decades ago that most of the crime in Davao is caused by drugs direct & indirectly. Well, one day, I visited a friend in Davao City jail & I talked to the jail warden about the main reason for people jailed, a general question. He said that majority are caused by drugs (direct & indirectly). Duterte has been right until today. I asked not because I did not trust him, but I need to find out for myself as he may be wrong, though not unlikely on matters of peace & order. He tried talking to our Muslim brothers when he assumed office as president. And what…the “problem” is still there. Now, he obviously think that he had given them a chance through talk, and now, action must be taken. Frankly, I believe he knew all along that talking will not address this problem as using gun illegally to make a living is easier than working legally. I have friends all over in many walks of life, showing me that illegal business is always far more profitable than legitimate business. If you pay attention carefully, many riches in Philippines who made money so fast in so short a time, you will discover something interesting. Illegal means big profit. Hehehe You’re thinking about it now. Don’t do it! If government don’t get you or won’t get you, God would, 100% of the time. You cannot negotiate with God.

Now, what do you think of Martial Law in Mindanao? The basic question is, do you trust Duterte & our armed forces? Did you not elect him because of the promise of peace & order? Is he not doing what you elect him for?

Why do people fear Martial Law? Loss of freedom, abuse of power, & greater insecurity when greater security is supposed to be the goal. Well, my dear President Duterte, you need to provide us, Mindanawon, a systematic means of communicating with you. Many of us feel & know that you are "virtually isolated" from almost all of us. This fear & concern is real, even people like us who knows you.

Now, many who knows you, trust you with such power to act quickly & decisively without any delay. Crime & rebellion cannot be handled with a kid gloves. It must be dealt with quickly, decisively, with element of surprise & often with force & determination. War cannot be won by consensus & long discussion, but with superb intelligence, good planning, element of surprise & superior & determined force.

Hi there, do you think President Duterte do not have all this? If you do, then you have no reason to fear. If you don’t & you are part of this, then by all means, hide yourself.

Hi there, SHARE this & speak up. Tell us what you think. I’m not alone here. This is our country.

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