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Saturday, May 27, 2017


In my opinion, it's been a long time coming. For 30+ years now, Mindanao has been largely ignored by every political shyster since the 86 Edsa1 disaster, and allowed to become a terror playground, if not an all out warzone to say the least.

And after Duterte declared it, along come the ML cry babies, going so far as to compare the whole thing to the Marcos years. And what's even more childishly pathetic is, most of these whiners weren't even alive during those years, which gives them precisely zero to compare to.

So do I agree? You bet.

Footnote: And before you drone on about Martial Law. Think about this for a while. The security guards scattered all around the country, and at practically every doorstep, probably outnumber the police and military combined. They go fumbling through your personal belongs as well as copping a quick feel. And no one bats an eye, as if that's how it's supposed to be.

Welcome to the ML environment.

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