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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Filipinos rely on servants because they are lazy

The reason there are servants in the Philippines is because of the laziness of Filipinos. There is a lack of work ethic and working hard is a foreign concept to many. This, among other reasons, is why Filipinos grow up and live with their parents and mooch, because they are used to others doing things for them. They have no ambition.

This woman, “Lola”, was a slave. Filipinos really cannot complain about colonialism when many of them treat their own people like garbage. The social ladder exists in society, and is no different than other countries. Employing a domestic servant is a status thing. There are many Filipinos who work as servants overseas, and are treated like garbage. This is a product of desperation due to poverty and a country that cannot create jobs. The solution? Stop having babies!

The Servant mentality is there and, due to the shit culture, Filipino women are raised with even more of a servant mentality. This is why I have noticed a large % of foreign males who marry Filipinas want a woman who will serve them like a slave. These Americanos I have met are losers and no Americano woman would put up with them. Filipinas, with their conditioned low self-esteem, will.

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