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Friday, February 3, 2017

‘Martial law under Duterte will be the right choice’ – Rocky Gonzales

Known staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Sass Sasot, once again emphasized her backing up of Duterte’s administration by posting on a Facebook a few points made by Rocky Gonzales in his article.
Photo credits: Rappler

Firstly, she quoted Gonzales when he said major positive overhauls were implemented by Duterte and that he has answered his mandate without going against the law. A man to trust, as they called him. 

“In the face of bomb threats and devastation, he has a steady hand in governance and does not wantonly disregard the rights of the people. So if and when our country needs it as a last resort, a Martial Law under Duterte will be the right choice. He is a man we can trust.”

They also called him a man of justice, for allowing the late dictator to be buried in the LNMB.

“The fear was palpable that the sufferings of many will be forgotten, that the gains in courtrooms will be cast asunder, and that justice will be buried in the past.”

Furthermore, Sasot echoed that at all times, the lawyer-mayor-president will “never stray from justice, from the law.” It’s also been pointed out many times that the burial of the late dictator was simply an act following the court ruling. And besides, he gave back to the victims of the Martial Law, even just a tiny fraction of what they lost during the gruesome era.

“All this is merely a reiteration of a covenant he made with the country at his inauguration. There he said, "I have no friends to help and no enemies to harm."

So it is so. Finally, here is a president who stands by the entire body of the law,” the post concludes.


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