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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

“Coincidence?” Lawyers of Lascañas are also the legal counsel of Senator Leila De Lima

A lawmaker and supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte questioned why the lawyers of Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) who assisted the self confessed leader of Davao Death Squad retired SPO3 Arthur Lascañas were also the same lawyers who assisted Senator Leila De Lima in her illegal drug cases.

(From left to right) Atty. Alex Padilla, retired SPO3 Arthur Lascañas, Senator Leila De Lima and Atty. Jose Manuel “Chel Diokno.
Congressman Harry Roque questioned the timing of the flip-flop of the retired police who denied the existence of Davao Death Squad during the Senate hearing last year.
According to him, Lascañas must be jailed because of his admission with the presence of his counsels without made immune from suit.
He believed that the appearance of Lascañas was a diversionary tactic to divert the attention of the people from the impending arrest of Senator De Lima.
“Moreover, the timing of his flip-flop is also suspicious, having been made the day after charges were filed against Senator de Lima.” Kabayan Representative Harry Roque wrote in his post.
Mr. Roque also said that the lawyer of Lascañas are also the lawyers of Senator De Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes were also there during the press conference that made him doubt the credibility of the retired police.
“It does not help, too, that his lawyer is also the lawyer of De Lima and that his “exposé” was made in the presence of Senator Trillanes, who has an obvious beef with the President,” he added.
A Pro-Duterte blogger, Sass Rogando Sasot also asked if Alex Padilla, one of the members of FLAG who assisting Lascañas are also the same attorney who assisting Senator Leila De Lima’s illegal drug cases.
A Netizen also informed Sasot that Mr. Alex Padilla is also the former Philhealth President during PNoy administration.
But Jose Manuel “Chel” Diokno, one of the lawyer of Lascañas and also the legal counsel of Senator De Lima defends the timing of the retired police confession.
He said that their client, Senator Leila De Lima doesn’t knew that Lascañas is already planning to confess against President Duterte.
“Sen. De Lima is just one of my clients and Lascañas is another. Actually, hindi pa nga alam ni Sen. De Lima itong confession na ito,” Diokno said.
Attorney Alex Padilla also said that the case of De Lima was not related to the case of SPO3 Lascañas.
He also denied the Senator Leila De Lima knew the details of Lascañas’ revelation before the press conference yesterday happened.
Even Senator Leila De Lima said she were shocked by the revelations of Lascañas and connection of her lawyers to Lascañas is also only a coincidence.

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