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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Presidential adviser on entrepreneurship Joey Conception said people of the Philippines should respect President Rodrigo Duterte’s management style, including taking no prisoners approach in snuffing out illegal drugs.

 ”The President has his own style of management, and I respect his style of management. In (sic) the end of the day, the majority of the Filipinos voted for him. And we have to live with that decision and I’m sure the President in many of his moves, he’s well calculated.” Conception said.

“I’ve never seen a leadership like this that has put a lot of action. One can criticize his method but if one will never to do anything it’s just worst ‘no. It’s the first time that we have seen the level of drug addiction in this country and it requires for certain styles of leadership to really bring about change.” He added.

“There are types of managers who would look and consult—consultants ‘no. And there are types of people like entrepreneurs who would rely on gut feel ‘no. I’m a person who relies more on gut feel and a bit of research but gut feel. Many entrepreneurs out there rely on gut feel. And I think this President relies on his own gut feel, his experience as Davao mayor for many, many years that has brought Davao to where it is today. So we have to respect that,” said Concepcion.

“You may not agree with it, and some may agree with it. The next leader after six years will have his own style. Yes, sometimes we make mistakes and like everybody who runs a business,” said Concepcion.


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