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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jose Rizal's Romantic Liaison in London, England

Philippine national hero Jose Rizal  stayed in London for 10 months from May 1888 to March 1889, according to accounts by some historians.  He lived in an apartment at 37 Chalcot Crescent in a genteel neighborhood near the British Museum. At that time, the apartment was described as "a modest boarding place" which is quite different from how it looks now. 

From most accounts, Rizal had a romantic relationship with the daughter of the apartment owner named Gertrude Beckett. Manila-based historian Luis Zuriel Domingo said Rizal "being a man of normal emotions, found exhilarating joy" with Gertrude. When in London, we tried to talk to people to give us some glimpse into the area and asked if they knew Rizal. No luck, so we settled for taking a video of the apartment . . 

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