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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

De Lima and the Yellows: Edsa, Narcopolitics, and a Failed Power Grab

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by Maria Makiling
Since early this January, the DDS has heard about the plans of a power grab by the group of Loida Nicolas Lewis which includes VP Robredo, loser Mar Roxas and LP Senators De Lima, Aquino, and Drilon and free riders like Akbayan ampaw queen Risa Hontiveros, and the one and only sundalong kanin, Trillanes.
Speculations became more real with the revival of the 2 billion bank account allegations of Trillanes; the retraction of Lascanas’ previous testimony on the alleged existence of Davao Death Squad; and the walk for life spearheaded by CBCP. So as of this moment, there is once again a call by the yellow cult together with the opportunistic Akbayan Partylist and its minions, the CBCP, and some Catholic universities for a people power in Edsa. They were hoping to gather critical mass hoping against hope to install the bogus Vice President, Leni Robredo. In your dreams, power grabbers!
Perhaps what these yellow power hungry idiots did not anticipate was the early release of the warrant of arrest of the queen of narcopolitics, Leila De Lima. In the hope of gaining critical mass in the Senate, she requested to be arrested in the morning in anticipation that her supporters will become her human shield. And rightly so, her supporters came in the morning, some 20 of them. Kaloka! Nagpaumaga pa!
We don’t know about the LP but in spite of calls of mobilization for the beleaguered narco queen, only 20 came.
If by now they can’t see the writing on the wall, we have news for them: your people power is a failure. Why? Because people know your motives already. You just want to return to power and give us a shabby, insensitive, drug ridden, and corrupt government.Our answer to your call: Never Again! Never Again to yellow rule!
And we also have another news for them: because of their greed for power, all DDS forces have united through different support rallies for the President in key parts of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Not to mention the parallel events of OFWs in various parts of Asia, North America, and Europe. You want people power, we will give you people power!
If until now these yellow shits do not realize how fed up with the yellow kind people are, let February 25 be the demonstration of the people’s wrath against them.
Stop arrogating unto yourselves people power and EDSA yellow shits. As Tatay Digong has already said:
“[T]he spirit of EDSA does not belong to the one sector or one group of people, but to all Filipinos who believe in freedom and a democratic way of life. No single party, ideology, religion or individual could claim credit for the bloodless revolution at EDSA, in the same way that no single party, ideology, religion or individual could claim a monopoly of patriotism.”

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