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Saturday, February 18, 2017

De Lima ready to be first 'political prisoner' under Duterte admin?

De Lima ready to be first 'political prisoner' under Duterte admin?
FIRST, De Lima insulted the women for associating her sexual escapades with her driver, bodyguards, and even a maximum detention inmate as "frailties of a woman". She discounted the fact that women always have options who to get sexually involved in. Besides De Lima wasn't at all ordinary woman. She was already a lawyer, and DOJ secretary at that. The choice was there. She deliberately made those choices. Those choices weren't at all "frailties of a woman". Yet she chose to use the "woma issue" as defence. She thought using the "woman issue" could rally support. Unfortunately, some women took the "frailties of a woman" issue as an issue identified with them, not knowing they were just taken for a ride.
SECOND, De Lima insulted her legal profession and all the lawyers by demeaning her choices, and providing flipflopping reasonings on many issues - using legal arguments that serve not in the interest of jstice and truth, but to promote her own political agenda and to excuse herself from being prosecuted. Issues like insisting on legal acts as legal and constitutional during their administration, but is now illegal, unethical and unconstitutional for the present dispensation to do. Why is there a duality in the legal normals or standards? 
THIRD, this time around De Lima is insulting the many of have truly suffered during the periods not only during the repressive regime of Marcos, but also those who have been imprisoned and killed due to their political beliefs. We have to understand De Lima's claim of being a victim of political persecution has no factual basis at all. If she has become the target of this administration, it is because of her alleged involvement in the illegal drugs operations in the country. We have to appreciate that De Lima has been investigated not for speaking up for the cause of certain sectors of farmers, of vendors, or of any oppressed groups. She was not even investigated for defending a political party of which she is part of. She was and is being investigated and criticized for her failure to curb illegal drugs operations within the maximum penitentiary (New Bilibid Prison). She was and is being investigated because of the testimonies of witnesses that she received kickbacks and payola from druglords. So, how can she claim to be a victim political repression? 
If De Lima will be incarcerated, it is never because she is a woman (and that she has "frailties of woman"). It is not because this present administration hate her. She will be imprisoned because she got herself dirty with the monies from the illegal drugs operations. She will be incarcerated because she allowed herself and her role as DOJ secretary to be a conduit of illegal drugs proliferation in the country which has infected even the remotest of barangays.
So, those women friends of De Lima in Noynoy's Cabinet who said they will go with her when arrested have been barking up the wrong tree. They are simply a faggot who are like "a bundle of sticks bound together ready to be burned".

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