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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Breaking NEWS! Filipinos In America Now Want Loida Nicolas Deported. MUST WATCH THIS!

New York City– Over 350 Filipinos living in America, New York City have this evening demonstrated and asked both the President and foreign affairs cabinet secretary to either deport or change the citizenship of their leader Loida Nicolas.

Addressing the media in the streets of the city, the protests have said that the Filipino American Community Leader stands no chance to be associated with them following recent developments on plot to oust their President in Philippines. 

“We want President Trump to take immediate action on Loida Nicolus. We cannot be led by criminals and greedy people who think they can get powers in Philippines by pulling down our President Duterte. We have massive evidence to prove Loida and her associates in Philippines wanted to oust Duterte through dubious means. It is unacceptable.” Said Bobbie Cataylo Hernandez, chairperson of Filipinos In New York Group (FINYG).

The matter has been taken serious and the government envoy has confirmed that President Trump is not going to take the claims lightly.

This is not the first time Filipinos are demonstrating over Loida Nicolus. In December 2016, another group protested in California. 

Loida Nicolas Lewis is a Filipino-born American businesswoman who is the widow of TLC Beatrice founder and CEO Reginald Lewis. 


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