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Saturday, December 10, 2016


In Filipino, we call this mental thinking "praning", that is, a psychological condition of a person where he thinks somebody is out to kill him.

In Bisayan language, we have a common phrase "nahadlok sa iyang kaugalingong anino" (afraid of his own shadow). In psychology, we simply refers this condition as paranoia.

There are several reasons for the development of this psychological condition in the current Philippine context:

1) Negative result of excessiveness of prohibited substances like shabu, marijuana, cocaine, etc.

2) Effect of unresolved conflict with others, that is, personal issues with other people, especially when you have disadvantaged others.

3) Effect of guilt feelings of a continuing offense.

4) Effect of a traumatic event that occurred in one's life.

5) An innate (genetic ie natural and inborn) tendency.

While I am aware in the case of Trillanes, his paranoia must be caused by guilt feelings of a continuing offense, it could also possibly be that all these could be triggering his current state of thinking.

~ Alan Villarante

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