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Monday, December 12, 2016

I feel like crying. God help the Philippines! Robredo can become our next president! ~Share

My jaw dropped when she said that "being barred" her from attending the cabinet meetings was part of an attempt to steal the Vice-Presidency from her. My reaction then was "Oh my God, she is really dumb!"

I wanted to pound my head on the wall but hurting myself would be dumber.

Let's put things in their proper perspective:
  • Leni was elected into office and has a fixed 6 year term. So the question is, how can being barred from attending cabinet meetings steal the VP position from her?
  • It is the Supreme Court handling the election protest of Marcos against her. The office of the President has nothing to do with the Supreme Court. So how can barring her from the cabinet meetings steal the Vice Presidency from her?
The reason she was barred from the cabinet meetings is because she is an obstructionist and perpetual critic of the President.  If she wants to be a critic then she should be a pure opposition and then she can criticize the Duterte administration to her heart's content. 

There were two other laughable things she said during in the Noli De Castro interview:
  • Noli de Castro asked her about her Presidential ambitions and she said didn't have any, yet she has refused to resign as Vice-President.
  • Although she was barred from attending the cabinet meetings, Leni was not fired from her position as Chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).

    Instead of keeping her post at the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) so she could help the poor, she resigned.

    After resigning, Robredo said she will focus on her advocacy of helping the poor.  But an advocacy to be effective needs manpower and money. By resigning from HUDCC, Leni will no longer have access to these resources.

    So how she help the poor effectively when she will now be deprived of the manpower and resources of the  HUDCC?
Her reasoning hurts my head.  Imagine, she could be the next president of the Philippines and she is so dumb. We don't need another incompetent Cory Aquino.


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