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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cayetano to ABS-CBN: President is abroad working hard, yet you fire away

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano has called on ABS-CBN after an article entitled “To believe, or not to believe, President Duterte?” produced by international news agency Agence France-Presse was posted at News.ABS-CBN.com on December 14. The article featured controversial statements of President Rodrigo Duterte that he or his aides later clarified or quashed completely.
“In this news article all those you mentioned have been discussed, debunked or at least explained,” the Senator said in his open letter to ABS-CBN posted in his social networking page. “You know very well that taking someone seriously and taking someone literally are two different things.”
He also noted former President Aquino’s statement regarding the LRT saying he will “allow himself to be run over by the train” if the extension to Cavite will not be completed. “Did u harp on this or ask if he was believable? Did you call him to task for his statement?”
“Yes we always take our President seriously but not always literally,” he said. “So what’s the point of your article?”
He also questioned the timing. “What’s clear is that your timing seems to be perfect, especially when your article comes at the heels of calls from VP Leni to unify the opposition and the calls from Loida Nicholas for the President to resign and for the Vice President to take over,” the senator said.
“The President is abroad working hard to protect Filipinos working abroad, inviting foreign investments and building relationships. It’s an international practice not to hit the President when he is representing the Country abroad, since hitting him means hitting the Country he represents,” Senator Cayetano said. “Yet you fire away!”
“So May I respectfully ask,” he said. “When to believe and not to believe ABS-CBN?”


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