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Friday, November 25, 2016

Who is lying??? And why???

By Arsenio Antonio

1) Dayan claimed to have met Espinosa for the pay-offs to de Lima five times – three times at the Mall of Asia Arena, once at Dampa restaurant along Macapagal Avenue, and once in Baguio. In Espinosa’s testimony to the Senate the previous day, he only met Dayan four times.

2) Espinosa claimed that his meetings with Dayan started from November 2015 to February 2016. Dayan maintained that his meetings with Espinosa took place in 2014 and that he resigned in early 2015. He said that he was already staying in Pangasinan in 2016.

3) Espinosa claimed that it was Albuera Police Chief Jovie Espenido who called him to call Dayan in August 2015. Dayan claimed that he does not know Espinido and that he has not spoken to him. Dayan said it was de Lima herself who ordered the meet-ups with Espinosa.

4) Espinosa claimed that he gave the payoff in Baguio was made at Burnham Park. Dayan insisted that it was made in the carpark of a hotel.

5) Espinosa claimed that Dayan introduced him to de Lima and Baguio where he took the photo with his wife and the then Justice Secretary. Dayan denied claiming that it was always de Lima who ordered her to meet Espinosa.

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