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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


According to the writer, Rocky Gonzales, Senator Leila De Lima has been trying to manipulating the mind of people and politics as well.

Photo from Rocky Gonzales Facebook/Philstar
Mr. Gonzales says that De Lima swings from a warrior woman to a wallflower persona to distract her audience and the media.

Sen. De Lima unfortunate suspicious series of events with her strategy involves well-crafted script, supporting players and props as well.

Read the series of events below:

On October 17, high profile drug lord Kerwin Espinosa caught in Abu Dhabi.

On November 7, Albuerra Mayor Rolando Espinosa who implicated De Lima in his affidavit is killed inside his jail cell.

November 11, Kerwin Espinosa return to Manila to testify against De Lima.

November 14, De Lima admits her affair with Ronnie Dayan.

November 18, Kerwin Espinosa returns to Manila. Everyone is now busy with
De5’s explosive revelation of her sexual promiscuity with her subordinates instead of her involvement with the drug trade.

De Lima makes a veiled threat on the lives of witnesses against her. Anyone who testified against her gets assaulted or dies like Jaguar, Tony Co, Mayor Espinosa and Jaybee Sebastian.

November 21, All eyes are back on the drug trade and De5’s part in it.

On November 22, Ronnie Dayan captured in La Union, people brings back the focus to De Lima’s affair with Dayan instead of her case in illegal drugs.

November 23, Kerwin Espinosa gives damning testimony against De5 and CIDG’s involvement in the drug trade.

Ronnie Dayan testifies in the Senate which conflicts with Kerwin Espinosa’s statements. De Lima’s bagman has now weakened Kerwin testimony.

Ombudsman Conchita Morales who was decided to investigate the case of De Lima. Wondering if this is coincident or collusion.

As you can see people, the focus which De Lima has been manipulating is slowly moving away from the drug investigation.


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