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Monday, November 7, 2016

Trillanes' skin is so thick, no matter how much he's shamed, he comes back for more ~Share

I had a good laugh when I came across the Inquirer article wherein Senator Sonny Trillanes said that Duterte is a bully and not the United States. His statement came as a reaction Senator Ping Lacson's statement that the US was a bully for planning to stop arms sales to the Philippines.

The reason Trillanes called Duterte a bully is because of the president's successful war on drugs which has caused the crime rate to drop significantly throughout the county.

Trillanes is a former military man, so it is surprising that he can't understand that what President Duterte is doing is actually psywar based on the book 'The Art of War'. If he does not understand what 'psywar' is, then he should watch the video shown above so that he will have a better understanding about 'The Art of War'.

And before he labels anyone a bully, maybe he should review the video shown above and watch his failed attempt to bully Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. 


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