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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Is The Philippine Supreme Arbiter Elegantiarum To No Longer Be Respected?

anarchistsSo a dead man of nearly 30 years has been buried? What does that have to do with the price of rice, right? Has the planet altered its spin cycle? Is the Philippine nation still an impoverished basket case? And where is all this current nonsense we’ve been seeing regarding the decision of the Philippine Supreme Court approving the burial of former President Marcos expected to take the nation?
Every action these past few weeks is surely a sign that the people behind these protests do not understand the point of the court’s decision. And has been made in accordance with the Philippine Constitution and the Laws which flow from such a document. So it was not only lawful, it was the consequence of an impartial vote of informed people. Denying the nations Supreme Court and to protest, flies in the face of the law and is to suggest that Rule of Law is no longer important to these people. Even the recent decision of NHCP (National Historical Commission of the Philippines) Chair, Maria Serena Diokno to resign her post, and join these nitwits in their protests, speaks volumes of disrespectful ignorance for the Rule of Law.

NHCP Chair, Maria Serena Diokno

Aside from now being unemployed – as well as drawing momentary attention to herself – what does Ms Diokno hope to prove? Her very actions, along with the accompanying rhetoric and threats of intimidation suggest that they are in fact, supportive of Anarchy and the Rule of Man over the Rule of Law and seek to cause the nation to collapse into a rebellious state. In many other countries this would be regarded as Treason. Is this an intentional maneuver towards forcing the hand of the current President to take forceful action to stop the disruption and dissent? If it is, it will only end badly for them and the people of the Philippines. Do they not realize that when insurgency begins like this the biggest losers are always the innocents. The women and children?
If they believe this to be wrong, just take a close look at who is suffering in Syria right now. Are those promoting these actions so uncaring of their fellow countrymen – and women – in the Philippines? Do these people seek such similar outcomes here? If they do they are going the right way about it. And what happens next will rest upon their conscience as they are the ones fueling this fire.
As President Duterte has said on more than one occasion; War is not an option, but if his hand is forced, all I can see is a lot of bloodshed, because by far the majority remain supportive of him and they will tire quickly of the stupidity of the Oligarchy, the Yellow Dye #5 crowd, and their paid yellow protesters soon. They need to be very careful about what they wish for.
Even a patient man reaches a point where he will say ENOUGH!

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