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Saturday, November 26, 2016

The FAILED November 25 anti-Marcos rally at the Luneta

November 26, 2016
by benign0
When will these hipsters learn? Warm bodies out pumping fists in an outdoor love-in versus an alleged social media “troll army” out to “weaponise” the Internet from comfy air-conditioned offices? Anti-Marcos protestors would like to believe the old ways of doing things supposedly representing therighteous camp in this political conflict necessarily triumph at the end of the movie.
Start reality check here.
This is ironic coming from a people who beam with pride when their country is referred to as the “outsourcing capital of the world” — a country supposedly conquering the world one BPO at a time. It is testament to the reality creeping up on us that labour-intensive is out and digital is in. Indeed it is interesting the way the nation’s “millenials” and even their kiddie brothers and sisters had been conscripted into these 1980s-styled ocho-ocho rallies. These are, after all, the digital generation (we are told by a bevy of “social media experts”). Yet, here they are claiming to be on the victim end of a supposed online conspiracy to “cyberbully” the lights out of their quaint revolutionary rehash.
Here are the facts. Buck for buck, online activism wins more voters — at least in American-styled “democracies”. This was proven by the victory of President Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump in these last elections in the two bastions of that form of government on the Eastern and Western sides of the planet respectively. Couple that new online power with a hipster culture indoctrinated in old romantic notions of what “being right” looks like and you’ve got that perfect storm that the losing side now prefers to call the “weaponised Internet”.
In yesterday’s anti-Marcos rally held at the Luneta, you can behold that puny bang for lots of buck on exhibit. Whereas real activists of yore hand-painted their own protest placards, these hipsters came with glossy mass-produced paraphernalia. The only folk that won that day were their suppliers (whose businesses are likely owned by the usual mob of Yellow oligarchs). They’re all laughing all the way to the bank.


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