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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Leni’s Popularity. Collapsing, One Domino At A Time

Leni’s Popularity. Collapsing, One Domino At A Time

Zest Air Seat 4AAn ex-police officer-turned businessman in Sorsogon, recently told a local radio station that Leni Robredo should not be blaming others. But herself.
The former police chief and one of Jessie Robredo’s top aides when he was working as DILG secretary, blamed Ms. Robredo for destroying her husband’s legacy. Jessie had been the recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award and was a highly-respected Filipino. The aide, who requested his name not be used, said, “Leni is not ignorant, but a greedy, clueless politician. While the Filipino people are laughing at her, President Aquino is also celebrating because the blame is on Robredo and not on him.”
The aide said he supported Sen. Francis Escudero because they are “kababayans”, but the rampant election fraud could not keep him silent.
“This is not for Bongbong. I never liked Marcos because I don’t know him personally, but I never hate him either. This is for the Filipino people. Nasaan na yong 13 million na boto ni Leni? Bakit walang nagtatanggol sa kanya sa Social Media?” (Now where are the 13 million votes of Leni? Why is it no one is defending her in social media) the aide said.
Another ex-police officer from Daet, Camarines Norte airs the same sentiment.
“What Leni has done will haunt not only her, but her daughters for the rest of their lives. Money can’t buy honour. The alleged P500 million which BS Aquino had paid her just to run for VP will be nothing. People know everything. Nagpagamit sya kasi. Kung buhay lang si sir Jessie, hindi mangyayari sa pamilya nya ang ganito,” (She let herself be used. If Jessie were still alive today. This will not be happening to her family) the retired former police chief said.
The aide added, that in order for Robredo to save her husband’s legacy from imminent destruction, she should accept the truth and tell the Filipino people that the Aquino government just used her.
“Para ma-save ang pangalan ng pamilya nya, dapat bumaba na lang sya at aminin na ginamit lang sya. Ang tahi-tahimik ng buhay, nagpagamit, yan tuloy gumulo, hindi alam kung papano makalabas sa gulo kaya sobrang naging haggard ang mukha” (The way to save her family’s name, she should come down and tell the truth that she’s being used. She had a quiet life and she let them use her, and now she doesn’t know how to get out of it. That’s why her face looks so haggard).
~ Joel Velarde – Sorsogon City

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