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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why Bad Things Happen to “Good” People – Especially in the Philippines

June 16, 2016
by zaxx
Tragedy strikes again! Another gruesome ASG-sponsored beheading just took the life on an “innocent” Canadian visitor guilty of the crime of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and buying into the “it’s more fun” advertising peddled around by the creative national tourism promoters of the land of gullible’s troubles.
Well, as much as I wouldn’t want to glorify the worthless ragtag scumbags projecting themselves to be freedom fighters in Basilan when they are nothing but common criminals with an insatiable desire for blood in their never-ending pursuit of money and attention, there are actually some very good lessons to ponder on with this (yet another) sad chapter of the national drama.
There are no good people – we all deserve to be punished
First and foremost, there really are no good (sinless) people in the world, let alone our country. By the laws of karma at work in the universe, sowing what we reap is as universal as failing an exam for not studying well. We can all argue that there are kind and loving people who have not murdered anyone (mother Theresa), but still by the standards of moral perfection (hitting the bulls eye), we are all guilty of breaking laws (big or small). We all have missed the mark. And it’s not even about frequency: remember it only takes one kill to be branded a murderer for life.
We have all lied, cheated, hated, failed to forgive, and stepped on others as we succumb to selfish pursuits and desires. That Canadian who just died may be as guilty as the ASG when measured up against the yardstick known as the 10 commandments. In effect, we all deserve to be punished. Some may argue that a punishment may not fit the crime (like how Ananias and Sapphira were divinely executed on the spot in the early church for the seemingly harmless white lie of mis-declaring their “SALN”).
So if you lie by asking your little sister to say to the annoying suitor on the phone that you are not at home, then you are guilty and deserve to be beheaded? Technically yes. Because lying in a small thing is no different than lying about witnessing a person murder another which eventually leads to the falsely accused person’s unfair execution.
We cry foul and call out government officials for corruption when we ourselves don’t even have second thoughts about stealing a ball pen from the office supplies in our work place, and we have the gall to ask why our society is in a state of dismal appalling dysfunction?
People around us suffer needlessly when we fail to understand the value of  proper maintenance
One major cause of unnecessary suffering is the fact that many don’t understand that the second law of thermodynamics (movement from order to disorder; acting with dust, heat, friction, evaporation, etc.) takes place like another unstoppable natural force of the universe. And they wonder why their car stalled in the middle of rush-hour traffic causing inconvenience and loss of time (gold) for thousands of motorists behind them.
Why some wise people prefer public transportation to get around rather than driving their own tin can with wheels is that it can actually be one risky high-maintenance bitch to own something that requires you to check the tire pressure, change oil, vacuum and wash on a regular basis. Actually, having a car is like having one extra child in your family. So unless you keep things and even your body in tip-top shape, expect them to break down along the way.
I recall riding the MRT some time ago. When the doors opened there stood a passenger holding up a falling section of the ceiling to keep from hitting people’s heads. Doesn’t the MRT undergo maintenance checks? And on one local trip to an exotic island, I saw a rat pass by near the cockpit of the plane prior to takeoff. Now what if those wires that connect to the actuators on the plane’s wings get chewed up during the flight?
Things break down and fall apart. There are whole industries built just addressing this. If you happen to have a large billboard fall on your head while walking down the street, you probably are just unlucky; but many bad things that happen to nice friendly people are actually preventable. Like there wouldn’t have been that many deaths during super-typhoon Yolanda if we only fielded less Mar-functioning and more competent and preparedness-aware officials to handle disaster situations.
Evil spirits cause millions of deaths
Yes, like Chaplain Grimwald, I do believe in evil spirits, especially the ones that deceive people into thinking they can fly and convince them to jump off the top of a 10 story building. Evil spirits are behind the most gruesome inhumane massacres and brutal murders fueled by hate or some twisted religion/ideology.
What is an evil spirit but a depraved debased mind that is convoluted into thinking abnormally? These spirits can possess you. Read too much of a strange book or delve into the wrong ideology and you can turn yourself into a monster without you being aware of it.
Wandering evil spirits exist looking for victims to possess and control because they are minds that wish to attach to a physical body. Yes, minds can exist outside a physical brain (like how NDE survivors recount watching their death scene in detail while hovering above their lifeless body), because they actually work like software, in contrast to hardware (CPU). Load software into a new laptop, and the machine doesn’t get an ounce heavier. That’s because software and information are not really physical entities, but more of “spiritual” in nature – of the realm of the mind and abstraphysics.
Philippine dysfunction really is just a case of bad programming of its citizens, leading to the high-jacking of their minds by demons. So just a warning to all: be careful of what you read and watch what you watch. The spirit behind Hitler or Pol Pot may be exactly what might enter unsuspecting clueless you if you are less than virtually vigilant.
Similar points were identified by Walter Hallam, who struggled with the same question when he lost his promising daughter in a senseless plane crash. You too may feel you are a victim of an undeserved bad event, situation or punishment in your life. The answer really is quite simple: repent and mend your ways or something worse than becoming a captive of ASG may befall you. How about NOT stealing items in office, cheating in a pop quiz, or uttering white lies for a start?


Zealous revolutionary advocate of bringing back common sense for the common good in a land of dysfunctional and delusional zombies.

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