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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Amazing Herb Kills 98% Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours

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Amazing benefits for the entire immune system come from a simple herb given to us by nature.
150 years ago Cancer was not even known to people. They haven’t heard about this deadly disease, and today more than 600, 000 people die from Cancer.
This might be due to processed foods, low-quality meat and dairy, and refined sugars into the standard diet, disease and sickness sprung up in the body, and quickly became a human epidemic.
But nature has once again given its healing power in order to heal ourselves and our loved ones.
artemisia (1)
In a recent study published by Life Sciences, it was found that artemisinin (the derivative), coupled with Iron, can kill 98% of breast cancer cells in 16 hours.
Alone, the herb caused a 28% reduction in breast cancer cells, but partnered with Iron, the duo almost completely eliminated Cancer. What may be even more interesting, normal cells were not negatively affected in this experiment by the treatment.
You should know that the treatments and the research has been conducted on mice but it has proven many times that it is very effective.
The normal Cancer treatment ( like chemotherapy)  is that it attacks all the cells, which are essential for life. And with this process besides destroying cancer cells it also destroys healthy cells, leaving the immune system on its knees.
An acidic system with a stagnant lymphatic system (from poor dietary and lifestyle choices) is the best environment for Cancer to thrive in. By consuming a predominantly plant-based, live food, and unprocessed diet, it is easy to alkalize and flood the body with vital nutrients needed for healing.
This Chinese herb can help you stop the growth of cancer cells while at the same time leaving the healthy ones. Artemisinin has been used in the past as a powerful anti-malarial herb, but has now been shown to be helpful against Cancer, as well.
When subjects were given an iron supplement, it helped the artemisinin to effectively target ‘bad’ cells and leave ‘good’ cells alone.
Iron accumulates in cancerous cells due to special receptors that help them in cell division, called transferrin receptors. Iron is essential part of this combination, because normal cells likely have these receptors, but cancerous cells have them in great abundance, and thus can be targeted by the iron-artemisinin combination.
The first official study was conducted in 2001 and since then many more studies have now been conducted to prove the sweet wormwood extract can effectively eradicate disease in the presence of iron. But in fact, using wormwood dates back thousands of years in China where it was used to treat malaria.
Like cancerous cells, the malaria parasite cannot live in the presence of artemisinin because they are iron-rich.
Because the sweet wormwood herb is difficult to find, biotech companies are now on their way to mass produce the medicinal plant. The future will show its effectiveness when produced at such a large volume. And we all know what the pharmaceutical companies want to achieve…..
If the herb can retain quality, life force, and be transported around the world where it is so essentially needed, there is high outlook for its ability to aid cancer patients and their path of healing.
Just use this cancer remedy as a prevention. You can find more information in regards to this article on the sources below and you can drag your own conclusion.

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