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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


According to a Chinese professor, you should always keep a needle in your home, since it can safe one’s life in case of stroke.

When someone gets a stroke, his/hers brain capillaries are slowly tearing, so a rest and an emergency first aid are the things needed. The following tips will inform you how to save someone’s life.

You need to be calm. No matter of the patient’s position, you mustn’t move him/her, since otherwise you’ll help the brain capillaries to burst thus causing bleeding in the brain. A syringe will be perfect, but if you don’t have one a normal sewing needle will help.
1. Warm the needle using a fire from a lighter or candle, in order to sterilize it. With the needle, prick the tops of the patient’s 10 fingers.
2. A specific acupuncture isn’t needed, but make sure it’s a few millimeters from nails. Do this so that a blood from the fingers starts flowing.
3. If blood doesn’t start dripping from fingers, squeeze them so it can start flowing.
4. Once the blood starts flowing from all 10 fingers, wait several minutes and the patient will be back to life.
5. If you notice that the mouth of the patient is distorted, start massaging his/her ears until the blood comes to them and they become red.
6. Prick in the soft part of the ears with the needle, until two drops of blood fall from each ear. After couple of minutes, you’ll see that his/her mouth is no longer distorted.
7. Once you assure that the patient is in a normal state with no strange symptoms, send him/her to the hospital.
This method of bloodshed to save the life is a method of a traditional Chinese medicine, and its practical application is 100% effective and using it people can survive a stroke.

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