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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Get Rid Of Ugly Cellulite

The Truth About Cellulite

If you’re seeing bumps on your behind, you’re in good company: About 90 percent of women — and virtually no men — have cellulite, fat cells found underneath the top layer of the skin that have squeezed between bands of connective tissue, or collagen, attaching your muscle to your skin. While the structure of women’s connective tissue is vertical (like mattress springs), men’s collagen is angled, which means that fat cells don’t push through and pucker as much.
Many women think that low-intensity cardio and lifting light weights for a high number of repetitions (and/or aerobic-type classes) are the answer to ridding their body of unwanted fat. But despite what you may hear from your favorite fitness personality or read in the latest fashion magazine, this is not true! The reality is that you’ll never see the results you want in the time that you would expect by employing those methods.

How To Get Rid Of It 

There are many recipes for the preparation of household products to combat cellulite, and this is certainlythe most popular and most effective.
What do you need?
 Half a cup of coffee
 2 tablespoons brown sugar
 2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil
Mix all the ingredients in place them in a plastic or glass container with a lid. After showering, rub thismixture of critical areas of scrub and rinse with lukewarm water bodiesRub the drumsticks with a toweland then apply anti-cellulitecream.
For best results, use a scrub every day!

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