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Friday, June 3, 2016

Duterte is a high-level thinker with complex thought process

13308634_1366655123350281_451649088411938889_oMeme by GFoRD Admin Alexander Nilo
I think Duterte is trying to piss off the media. That’s his style. He leaves out innuendos and double meanings to see how people react. He toys with people’s emotions to see how defensive they become. That’s his way of exposing your character. Will you be weak enough to take it personally? Guilty enough to be defensive? Stupid enough to get angry? Or wise enough to figure it out and take his words with a grain of salt.
It’s like chess. He sends out pawns and if you go after them, he will learn so much more about your motives. Word of advice. Don’t be too literal.
Discrediting the media is a strategic move. So people will not depend on the media to think for them. So we Filipinos will learn how to think on our own. Without having CBCP, the Church, or the media to influence and manipulate how we should lead our lives.
We’re dealing with a high level thinking mastermind with a very complex thought process and if you are too simple and onion-skinned, you obviously cant keep up with him. I’m not sure why I understand the language of men so much. Maybe, it’s a bisaya thing. Maybe we are a different breed. Or maybe, we breathe fresher air down south so our minds are way more open.
Then I watch people in Manila throw rallies regarding just about anything that they cannot accept and comprehend.

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