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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

World’s Dumbest Scammer is Filipina Ma Abegail Cardenas Soriano

We caught this dumb scammer Ma Abegail Cardenas Soriano trying to scam people by pretending to have either Kidney Failure or Ulcer. For one person she said she had an ulcer, while for a couple of other people she said she had kidney failure.

She also told one person her husband was injured with an amputated leg, and another person she told that her husband was dead.
She also claimed to have ulcer and kidney failure but her timeline has indications she has been drinking liquor and partying.
World’s dumbest criminal anyone? Enjoy these clips from the chat log our friends gave us of this very dumb scammer. If you want to let her know what you think, her phone number is 09463669606 and her Facebook profile is at https://www.facebook.com/abby.cardenas.963?fref=ts

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