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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Infographics: NoynoyAquino Spent 15 Trillion Pesos and Filipinos are Still Poor and Jobless BeInformed Philippines

Infographics: @NoynoyAquino Spent 15 Trillion Pesos and #Filipinos are Still Poor and Jobless #BeInformed #Philippines
The more I looked into the numbers, the more I understood why the propaganda mouthpieces of the criminal cabal which has hijacked the Philippines wants people to be distracted with whatever mundane and irrelevant issues there are.
A little bit about what I do so you will understand the contextof where I am coming from and why I am blowing the whistle.
For the past decade, I have worked as a data miner and gradually worked my way into supply chain, and hardcore analytics. In other words, when I am sent to an assignment – it means the company wants to contain its costs and I am to identify the root causes, recommend alternatives, and develop the project plan to roll out the implementation.
That means, processes will change, headcounts get reduced/reassigned, yields will be optimized, operations will be lean and mean to the bone – and the savings translates into revenue. I have been on both sides of the equation.
One time, I developed the formula to balance the headcount with the workload – some business units increased headcount, some underwent reduction.
In another instance, the formula I developed to balance the headcount with the workload also affected me, and I was part of the headcount that had to be let go.
In other words, numbers have a very real impact on our lives.
In reviewing the Aquino budget through the years, I let go of all my biases – and let the data guide me to the unquestionable conclusions on how we are impacted by government spending.
Everyone has beliefs and we are all entitled to it.
Numbers however, will challenge or validate those beliefs, even suggest a possible way out.

Before this becomes a long winded technical paper, I would rather present the numbers in a visual manner.
Enjoy the gallery.
Feel free to spread and download to everyone you know.
It is time to end this deception – and step into our roles as the true sovereign.

Where did all that money go?
Knock knock. You know who you are.
The world already knows.

And the world is coming for YOU.

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