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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What are Benigno Aquino III’s Greatest Accomplishments? #APEC2015 #Pinas2016 #BeInformed

What are Benigno Aquino III’s Greatest Accomplishments? #APEC2015 #Pinas2016 #BeInformed
Spare yourself the agony of their discombobulations.
But since am in a good mood, I’ll engage in light banter. Akin to “thinking out loud”. Allow me to focus on one key metric – government spending.
After all, that’s the essence of what every government stooge pitches to the equally emptyheaded electorate who hand out their freedoms and incomes on a piece of paper. The loss of their liberties and properties are waved into their faces by the illussionists and auctioneers at the COMELEC who laugh their way to the banks.
And like a magic trick – voila, PCOS spews out the names of the people, to whom you must now, pay tribute – fail to obey and you pay more tribute, go to jail , or worse, be killed.
When all the elaborate ceremonies of the magick trick called elections is consummated, you have just signed a deal that for the next 6 years – your money and your liberty will be reduced – so that your poverty will be reduced.
Neat trick huh?
So how has that actually worked out for the Filipinos and the vaunted matuwid na daan (more like ligaw na landas) of Aquino ?
I wonder if Filipinos will catch on to the trick in 2016 or will the fall for another group of faces much like one soap opera gives way to another.
The trick isn’t in how the audience falls for the characters of the opera. The trick is how advertisers pay up tons of gold so that the opera features only those characters – and captures and binds the minds of the audiences to the products owned by the advertisers. And when the audiences leave the show, when they return to their homes, they buy nothing else but the advertisers products. Neat trick huh?
But, I digress, as I often do – there’s just too much cr*p to eliminate :)
Allow me to use the government’s statistics itself so you cannot accuse me of dubious sources or cherry picking. Or the standards by which Aquino has set for himself when he usurped the position in 2011:
to reduce poverty and eliminate waste. With the help of Congress, we can harness the restored confidence in our country as a result of this year’s national elections. We have a new mandate from our people. It is now incumbent on all of us to live up to that mandate.
When I accepted our people’s call for me to run for office, I pointed out that the presidency is about the efficient allocation of resources. The call of our times is for reform: to make this possible, we are submitting a budget and corresponding resources to the programs and policies that make real the changes we need to revitalize our economy, while leaving no sector behind.

What are the facts?

The Philippines national budget in 2010 was 1.5 trillion pesos. That was the year when the evil Arroyo was replaced by golden boy Noynoy. Don’t you love our nicknames?
In 2011, Aquino and his men in pants – Abad, Drilon, and Belmonte – cheered on by Dinky and Juliet,increased the national budget to 1.8 trillion pesos.
That my friends is a whopping 20% increase in the national budget upon usurping the reins of government (remember only the PCOS know who really won the elections)
Here’s a summary of the national budget from 2010 – 2016. The table will show the year, amount, and the year on year change in percent.
The average YoY increase in the national budget is 12%.
Now, comparing the Aquino budget of 2016 of 3 trillion pesos to the Aquino budget of 2011 of 1.6 trillion pesos, we can compute a delta, an increase of 83%.
Now, comparing the Aquino budget of 2016 of 3 trillion pesos to the Arroyo budget of 2010 of 1.5 trillion pesos, we can compute a delta of 100%.
Next, we factor in the population of the Philippines. In 2010, it was estimated at 93.4M and101M by 2015. So roughly we can say that throughout the term of Aquino, there were 100 million Filipinos. This is important as we gauge his impact on each and every Filipino – and not the figment of his imagination or his media handlers.
Here then is the bigger picture:
So with that as a background, we can now ask the following questions,

After spending 14 trillion pesos from 2011-2016

– an average annual spend of 2 trillion pesos

– an average 12% increase in spending per annum

– has poverty and waste been eliminated?

Without digging up the data (which I  will eventually when I update this piece – and turn this into a blog post) – I can safely say that:
* poverty has not been reduced
* corollary indicators like unemployment and underemployment have not improved  – we still have the highest unemployment in ASEAN, unemployment remains steady at 7%, underemployment has expanded
– we have the most expensive power, electricity, internet – and the crappiest as well.


Btw, please watch this short video on Philippine nationalism I prepared for the discerning viewer :)

and speaking of eliminating waste? Are you serious? Oh god, I wish I was joking but nobody, and I mean nobody can come up with this!!!
And so to answer the question – what has Aquino achieved?
Not even these guys below.
Maybe because, they really are the “bosses” and the “boses” that beam the instructions into noynoy’s cranial nerves.
And, your vote is not your voice.
Your vote is the sound of a teenage kid having unprotected sex with a prostitute.
Your brief delight is gonna cost you.
Forteen trillion pesos in six years,
Quite a long time, and all you have to show is a negative gap between the growth in spending and the growth of your income.
If that were a retail store – you would have already walked out and taken your business elsewhere.
No, you don’t just go to another section of the store.
You, make the future
You get out of the darn building, never to return ever again!!!

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