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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

6 Miracles of Philippine Nationalism

6 Miracles of Philippine Nationalism
While the pinoy mob chows down on the#laglagbala issue – and all the ityty-bitty details of who did what, it felt like I was staring at the branch or chip of a rotting tree, trying to differentiate the pest in one part of the tree with the pest from another bark of the tree.
Unfortunately for the public who took the bait, it’s not really about the different pests on the bark of the tree.
Rather, what you thought was a shrub – is actually, an OVERGROWN weed that has been sucking up all the resources which should have gone to your vegetables, yard, shrubs, hedges.
Or maybe, what you thought was a sunflower (because you have not seen one) was actually overgrown crab grass.
It is pointless to look at the different pests on the “sunflower”  – when you ought to be removing the crab grass (which you mistook for a “sunflower”).
And no it’s not your fault, because – you were taught – from kindergarten to college to your post graduate degree – that crabgrass is sunflower and that sunflower is crabgrass.
That freedom from Filipinos is equal to slavery by non-Filipinos. That war on Moros/Chinese/non-Filipinosis peace for Filipinos.
That ignorance of economics and business is strength.
Or the clincher – that taking care of yourself, thinking of yourself, not being pakisama,  being kontrapelo – of figuring things out for yourself, determining what you want, creating the path that drawas what you want to you – is dangerous; and that you are a wild uncontrollable being that needs to be tamed by the state/the church/the barkada/the traditions/culture/the pamilya.
And that the answer to this wild barbaric creature called yourself – is the collective/nation/church/community/friends/family.
This belief  in the miracles of the nation and forced groupings (watch: Divergent) is supposedly the key to unlocking your dreams  – how has that really turned out?
Laglag bala? That’s just an offshoot of the regulations needed to keep the nation continue serving you.
How exactly is the Philippine nation serving you?
Here’s what they are going to do:
1 – Another probe (Napoles redux).
2. The probe will be another soap opera.
3. The probe will be an opportunity for the different politicians to provide “solutions” to the problem they themselves caused!
4. The probe will be televised.
5. The controlled media will start calling in advertising contracts as the captive audiences minds are entrained. ABS-CBN charges hefty advertising revenue – there’s no one else to go!
7. Perhaps some lowly government employees and middle managers heads will roll – they are dispensable.
8. The convictions/indictment – will be blown up in the media (remember Napoles).
9. People will get relief that the problem has been addressed.
10. The issue will die down
11. Meanwhile – parallel activities are in progress. Take your pick:
  • A global currency reset;
  • Return of Hacienda Luisitia to the Aquinos;
  • Non-enforcement of the SC ruling on the DAP/PDAF;
  • Mamasapano whitewash – possible participation of an international criminal cabal ?
  • 2010 PCOS remains unresolved ; and PCOS will be used again in 2016 (are you fakkin kidding me!!!)
  • More tax increases?
  • More regulations? balikbayan box? etc
Do you seriously think that the next administration (if there will still be one) will be any different?
How exactly are all the taxes you pay for, supposedly to improve your well being – delivered the miracles of nationalism?
All that microscopic attention is being brought to bear down on a couple of crooks – in order to distract attention from the bigger crooks!
Laglag Bala-Crime Syndicate

The proof of the pudding, is in the eating. How exactly is the Philippine nation serving you?
Anyways, so, after more than two decades of Philippine ULTRA-nationalism – since 1972 to the present,what have we got to show for it?
After FORTY THREE 43 years of extreme Filipino-first policy/constitutionally mandated 60-40 policy –what have we got to show for it?
Allow me to present – the 6 miracles of #Philippines Nationalism

(adopted from ~Bennett Owen, National Review in 1990)

  1. There’s no unemployment, but nobody actually works.
  2. No one works, but everyone gets paid.
  3. Everyone gets paid, but there’s nothing to buy with the money.
  4. No one can buy anything, but everyone owns everything.
  5. Everyone owns everything, but no one is satisfied.
  6. No one is satisfied, but 99% of the people vote for the system.

For your reference, here are the slides used. Feel free to download and pass around.

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