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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Illegal methods being conducted behind the facade of incorruptibility: Former Supreme Court Justice’s revelation would leave you at awe and disappointment on the powers backing former CJ Sereno

Retired Supreme Court Justice Art D. Brion and ousted Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, photo compiled from Google and CNN

Two simple points in the revelation of the retired Supreme Court Justice Art D. Brion astounded me in a way that disappoints, the “fight for the Constitution” that opposers of the decision of the Supreme Court’s decision to remove now-former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno upholds is but of preposterous and unjudicial measures now that Brion pointed out,


“In whispers, people in the know – including members of the court – speak of how behind-the-scene moves have been and are being undertaken by supposed exemplars of incorruptibility, to influence the justices to favorably decide in Sereno’s favor.”


“I also surmise that Sereno must have a very hefty war chest at her command, far surpassing the already substantial funds that must have been used to support her quo warranto propaganda moves. Where Sereno’s sizeable funds are coming from is, of course, another story.”

The supposed “Constitutional fight” for justice in the “Unconstitutional ousting” of the aforementioned Chief Justice has now switched places. It is disturbingly disappointing that the side that supports Sereno took such illegal methods in order to bribe her stay in power.

It’s also funny, how the Court is outsmarting the Supreme Court’s opposition by considering the fact that they are aware that Sereno and her supporters are “fishing for support for their claim of bias and other similar reasons that would negatively portray the court’s ruling”.

The Court remained silent.

Best remedy to such foolish efforts of the opposing party but they will retaliate the moment it is needed. Funny enough, Sereno was lead into silence after she caught herself in a trap of her own comments on the Court’s ruling and her once fellow justices the moment the Supreme Court decreed in the quo warranto decision that,

 ”Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno is ordered to SHOW CAUSE within ten (10) days from receipt hereof why she should not be sanctioned for violating the Code of Professional Responsibility and the Code of Judicial Conduct for transgressing the sub judice rule and for casting aspersions and ill motives to the Members of the Supreme Court.”

This silenced Sereno and had her focusing more on her motion for reconsideration and the SHOW CAUSE that the Court demanded of her knowing that if ousting was possible then so will be the penalties if she doesn’t stop yapping.

Another thing that’s funny is the fact that the Senate is trying to go against the Supreme Court itself, Brion stated that the Court would never “use abstract concepts of ‘independence’ and ‘democracy’” in judging such a case, their “standards would be the Constitution’s specific terms, the applicable laws, jurisprudence and the facts on record, as every law student knows.”

Even Senator Panfilo Lacson knew this Senate Resolution was made too early since they have no power in this case where the articles of impeachment didn’t reach their legislation.

Currently, the impeachment case is within the House of Representative and the former SC Justice mentioned that its prosperity “appears to be unlikely” and that “the endorsement of the move by former Chief Justice Hilario Davide would not be of much help.”

This is due to the fact that,

 “The opposition at the House has not shown so far the political strength sufficient to carry an impeachment complaint to successful fruition,” as Brion mentioned.

Now back to the two points that left me astoundingly disappointed at the Supreme Court’s opposition, Sereno’s side, in which they tried to bribe justice and that Sereno’s funds seem to be overflowing due to a source unknown.

On the first point that the former SC Justice revealed was the shocking one yet it will leave you wondering why didn’t Sereno win right?

Well thank the eight justices that stood fast and firm unto upholding unbiasedness on the ruling. They know that their decision would leave create drastic consequences, they’ve been at this for years. And,

“They are not strangers, too, to those who wish to influence their decisions, whether these would-be fixers, be the cajoling, gift-giving, pressuring, praying, or the threatening kinds,” Brion stated.

On the second point, now this got me edging on my seat for more, where did Sereno get such sizable funds?

But one thing’s sure about it, with such media coverage and political movement, a number of personalities will surely want to sponsor this for their personal agendas. But we are all left with the question of specifically who would?

Source: news.mb.com.ph


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