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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pseudospeciation Thrives Within The Filipino Elite

Headphones - Big AvatarThe other day, presidential hopeful, Mar Roxas was asked in an interview, “Why do you want to be president? You have everything, right?” Roxas responded by saying, “While I have everything, my countrymen do not. We really can’t allow persistence of a situation where a small number of people live comfortably while the huge majority are really struggling.”
Pathetic catchphrases such as the above. Coupled with recent events in Philippine society. Have revealed a dark underlining, cultural mentality that has always been lurking. Something Filipinos seem to choose either to deny or ignore altogether. The notion that the lower classes are simply a category of sub-humans meant for one thing. And one thing only. To serve the upper class elite of Philippine society. Only to be discarded once their usefulness has passed. And after 30 years of Oligarchy rule. One would tend to agree with what I have stated.
The Latest Mar Roxas CatchphraseWhile the concept of Pseudospeciation is nothing unique to the Philippines. It does appear to have been openly accepted, and allowed to thrive. Which does make it unique. Normally this occurs between cultures that display obvious differences in physical attributes. A perfect example would be how the Americans viewed the Japanese during WWII. Strangely though, it seems to have flourished in Philippine culture. And sadly, at a near destructive level.
For decades now, the politicians have spewed forth the same bullshit about how they must do something to alleviate poverty. Improve the economy. Lessen crime. etc, etc. Over and over again. But with each passing administration. Nothing has ever happened. The even darker side to this mess, has been the so-called return of a free democracy after the ouster of former President, Ferdinand Marcos.
Filipino Slave Labor 03After the legendary – and highly overrated – People Power movement of 1986. The new power players went immediately to work. Protecting all their wealth. Snatching up one corporation after the other. Monopolizing every corner of Philippine society. And to make sure all of this would remain theirs, under lock and key. They actually inserted a protectionist clause back into their new Constitution, Known as the 60/40 Filipino First, FDI restriction. To date, this has kept the majority of the worlds major business players away. And allowed the Oligarchy to use the country as their personal playground. And her people as an endless supply of slave labour.
Most outsiders looking in would ask, “How is this possible in this day in age?” It’s really quite simple actually. And the amazing part, is the people, all by themselves, allowed it to be so. Over the course of the last 3 decades, the Filipino people have been so dumbed down by some of the most pathetic TV shows known to man. As well as endless distorted truths of history. Combine that with the domineering church, droning on about hope. And you have a people that’ll buy into anything.
So how can this brought to a swift end, you might ask? Swiftly? Not really. But can it be brought to an end? Of course it can. But you the people have to want it to end. What this means is, you’ll first have to condition yourselves to no longer play their game. Here’s a few ideas to get the ball rolling:
  1. No more bribe taking during elections for one thing. Remember, if they can’t stay in office. This seriously lowers their chances of maintaining the status quo.
  2. Organize or form trade unions. If they can no longer control the employees. They lose.
  3. Demand your public servants start taking care of you. and not themselves. Do not be afraid to remind them of who actually controls the ballot box. Remember they are your employees. Not the other way around, as they want you to believe.
So before your usefulness has run its course. And one of your kids will be expected to fill your slot. Maybe you need to seriously rethink what’s been going on these past 2+ generations? Maybe you need to start looking at these shysters in a whole new light? And believe me, when I tell you, “They are going to do whatever it takes to keep things going in the current direction.”
Because if you truly believe the Daang Matuwid to be anything other than the impoverished goat trail it’s been, since its inception. Then son… You’ve either been sniffing to much glue. Or consuming far too much Yellow Dye #5.


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